Standard Wooden Fly Boxes  -  6" x 4" & 8" x 5" - from £10.00

Choice of 3 different sizes, including 2 depths and 3 different wood colours

(Made in Wales)


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2 Sizes Available


Yew Finish 


Hinge Arrangement



Catch Arrangement 


Box with Emblem & plaque


Box with Fly Emblem


Kingfisher Blue



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If you require an engraved plaque installed on your Fly Box, please visit our Plaque Engraving page for full details

These Standard Fly Boxes are made in Wales by Jeff Jones, and are manufactured to the same exacting standards as the luxury hardwood fly boxes. The sides are manufactured from solid wood and the lids are manufactured from high grade laminated ply-wood. They are available in 3 different sizes, and each size offers a choice of 2 different colours of wood stain, as shown below, all finished using external quality acrylic varnish to give long lasting protection. They are fitted with strong neodymium permanent magnets used as the box closures, which gives a smooth snag free surface and beautifully sculpted finger holds enable simple opening and closing of the boxes. The brass hinges have been coated with alloy wheel lacquer, to ensure their high finish is preserved. A unique feature on these fly boxes is the chamfered profile of the interior edges, which not only looks great, but makes it easier to insert and remove flies which are near to the edges of the box. This feature can be seen in detail on the "Catch Arrangement" image above. You also have the option to enhance your fly box by adding an emblem, as shown below. These fly boxes are made to last

  • 3 sizes available - dimensions below

  • 6" x 4" x 11/4" (152mm x 102mm x 32mm)

  • 8" x 5" x 11/4" (203mm x 127mm x 32mm)

  • 8" x 5" x 15/8" (203mm x 127mm x 41mm)

  • 2 foam lined compartments

  • Brass hinges

  • 2 wood finishes as shown above

  • Suitable for small and large flies

  • Magnetic catch identical to luxury boxes

  • Optional emblem - fishing fly or round emblem

  • Round emblem most suitable for the standard range

  • Fly emblem suitable for all boxes

  • Emblems will be attached to the bottom left corner

Standard Fly Box 6" x 4"
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Standard Fly Box 8" x 5"
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Standard Fly Box 8" x 5" (deep)
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Round emblems are 15mm Dia and are recessed into the box

The fly emblem is 22mm x 12mm and pinned to the box



Emblems are only available when you purchase a fly box and are not sold separately


Have one of the emblems shown to the left fitted to your standard fly box for only
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