.22 Ammunition Boxes - from £29.00

(Made in Wales)



Large Walnut


Medium Black


Small Black


Small Walnut

Currently, we can supply Ammunition Boxes for .22 calibre ammunition, from the range below, which have been based on existing customers requirements


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Small with Plaque


.22 Calibre Emblem


Catch Detail

These bespoke Ammunition Boxes are designed for .22 calibre ammunition and come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large and a give a choice of 2 different finishes: Black and Walnut. The range of 3 sizes has been designed to hold from 50 to 100 bullets, and in addition can accommodate full boxes of ammunition dependent on the size of Ammunition Box chosen. For further information on how many full boxes of ammunition each Ammunition Box holds, please Contact Us


All are manufactured to the highest standard, with a solid pine carcass and plywood inset base and lid, stained and coated with lacquer. Every box comes fitted with a .22 calibre emblem as standard, recessed into the box and secured by a pin clenched into the lid, having a nickel plated body and silver font. The Small and Medium boxes have a 15mm diameter emblem and the Large box has a 25mm diameter emblem. All boxes have nickel plated fittings with a heavy duty closure clip


The underside of all boxes have a base covering of 2mm black evasote, which is hard wearing and gives a good grip on most surfaces. The inside surfaces are finished in rich felt, colour coordinated with the box finish. Furthermore, 2mm evasote covers each box lid under the felt, to provide a cushion for the ammunition when the box is closed


There are 2 further options for each box, where external and internal engraved plaques can be manufactured and fitted, as shown above, where boxes require to be personalised as a gift, presentation or prize

  • Small - 73/4" x 4" x 13/4" (197mm x 102mm x 45mm)

  • Small - 1 x 50 bullet block plus bullet box storage

  • Small - 15mm diameter .22 calibre emblem

  • Small - £29.00


  • Medium - 71/4" x 6" x 13/4" (185mm x 152mm x 45mm)

  • Medium - 15mm diameter .22 calibre emblem

  • Medium - 1 x 50 bullet block plus bullet box storage

  • Medium - £32.00


  • Large -  101/2" x 6" x 13/4" (267mm x 152mm x 45mm)

  • Large - 2 x 50 bullet blocks plus bullet box storage

  • Large - 25mm diameter .22 calibre emblem

  • Large - £38.00


  • All - nickel plated fittings and heavy duty closure catch

  • All - edge chamfers match internal plaque location

  • All - lacquer coated over wood finish

Small Box - £29.00

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Medium Box - £32.00

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Large Box - £38.00

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