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Exclusive Luxury Oiled Hardwood & Standard Wooden Fly Boxes & Wooden Ammunition Boxes
From £10.00 each (made in Wales)


American Black Walnut

8" x 5" Fly Box

Pommele Sapele Fly Box with

Fly Emblem & Engraved Plaque

American Black Walnut Curl

6" x 4" Fly Box with Fly Emblem

Burmese Teak Fly Box with

Internal Engraved Plaque

Pommele Sapele

6" x 4" Fly Box with Fly Emblem

Burmese Teak Fly Box with

Fly Emblem & Engraved Plaque

Standard Rosewood Fly Box with

Emblem & Engraved Plaque


Black Finish

Ammunition Box

Plaque Engraving



Limited Edition Ammunition



Limited Edition Tube Fly Boxes, yew lacquer finish


Limited Edition Oak Cluster

Fly Boxes

Luxury Oiled American Black Walnut, American Black Walnut Curl, Burmese Teak and Pommele Sapele Fly Boxes are made in Wales by Jeff Jones, and have solid hardwood sides and a  veneer top and bottom of either American Black Walnut, American Black Walnut Curl, Burmese Teak and Pommele Sapele. The quality of workmanship is outstanding and the boxes are finished with several coats of Danish Oil giving a fantastic feel and appearance and long lasting protection against the elements. They are fitted with strong neodymium permanent magnets used as the box closures, which gives a smooth snag free surface and beautifully sculpted finger holds enable simple opening and closing of the boxes. 2 sizes are available - Large 8" x 5" and Small 6" x 4". A few Limited Edition Oak Cluster and American Black Walnut Cluster Fly Boxes are available - contact Jeff for details


A range of standard wooden fly boxes is also available, at competitive prices, manufactured to the same high standard as the luxury boxes, with the same magnetic catch as the luxury boxes, fitted with brass hinges and are available in 3 different sizes and 3 different colours


There are options to personalise all boxes with the addition of an emblem and or an engraved plaque and are ideal for prizes, presentations, gifts or just something special for yourself. You can also choose to have one of the 5 emblems shown below added to the box of your choice


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